Former Lab Members

Ph.D. Alumni

Alumni Information Alumni Information
Dr. Craig Waitt
Chemistry Ph.D. 2023
Post Doc., U. Notre Dame
Dr. Anshuman Goswami
CBE Ph.D. 2023
Post Doc., Stanford U.
Dr. Neha Mehra
CBE Ph.D. 2023
National Renew. Energy Lab.
Dr. Yujia Wang
Chemistry Ph.D. 2022
Assist. Prof., Bethel U.
Dr. Jerry Crum
CBE Ph.D. 2022
Systems Planning and Analysis
Dr. Jeonghyun Ko
CBE Ph.D. 2021
Dr. Sichi Li
CBE Ph.D. 2019
Dr. Prateek Mehta
CBE Ph.D. 2019
Dr. Hui Li
CBE Ph.D. 2018
Dr. Anshumaan Bajpai
CBE Ph.D., 2017
Dr. Quintin Sheridan
CBE Ph.D., 2017
Dr. Chris Paolucci
CBE Ph.D., 2017
Asst. Prof., U of Virginia
Dr. Laura Herder
CBE Ph.D., 2015
UW - Lacrosse
Dr. Trunojoyo Anggara
CBE Ph.D., 2015
Notre Dame
Dr. Michael Penninger
CBE Ph.D., 2015
Dr. John Clay
CBE Ph.D., 2014
U. Missouri

Dr. Jason Bray
CBE Ph.D., 2013
Phillips 66

Dr. Dorrell McCalman
CBE Ph.D., 2013
Notre Dame
Dr. David Schmidt
CBE Ph.D., 2012
Dr. Elaine Mindrup
CBE Ph.D., 2011
Dr. Hangyao Wang
CBE Ph.D., 2009
Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Rachel Getman
CBE Ph.D., 2009
Assoc. Prof., Clemson U.

M.Sc. Alumni

Alumni Information Current Affiliation Thesis Title
Jian Ren Lim CBE M.Sc., 2021   First-Principles Interrogation of H2 Reduction Mechanisms on Copper Active Sites in Cu-SSZ-13 Zeolite
Amanda Brown CBE M.Sc., 2021   Microkinetic Modeling of HCN Formation from Methane and Nitrogen with the Addition of Vibrational Energy Effects
Gray N Laughlin CBE M.Sc., 2018    
Solomon Assefa Chemistry M.Sc., 2016 G+B+9 MultiPurpose Commercial Building Elucidating Thermodynamics and Kinetics of CO-Oxidation-Induced Missing-Row Reconstruction of Ph(110) via DFT Methods
Steven McDonough Chemistry M.Sc., 2015   Using Through-Space, Dipole-Dipole, and CO-d-band Interactions to Predict the Formation Energy of CO/Pd(111) Configurations
Michelle Morton Chemistry M.Sc., 2013 Teacher Effects of Nitrogen Based Anions on CO2 Binding and Proton Affinity
Mandelle Danser Chemistry M.Sc., 2011 New Jersey Police Department Beyond the gas phase: towards modeling bulk ionic liquids with a comparison of Density Functional Tight Binding (DFTB) to Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Wenguang Lin                                                         Chemistry M.Sc., 2009                                                                              Notre Dame Business School                                                        DFT Simulations of Re3 Cluster Catalysts

Undergraduate Alumni

Alumni Information Current Affiliation Thesis Title
Audrey Miles Undergrad researcher 2019-2020 Graduate School Adsorbate Free Energies
Andrew Lehmer Undergrad researcher 2016-2017 Phigenics Adsorbate free energies
Sean Dwyer Undergrad researcher 2013-2015 Graduate school Charge distributions in ionic liquids
Patrick Connelly Undergrad researcher 2012-2014   Periodic trends in zeolite chemistry
Jimmy Carlsten CHUST visitor Summer 2014   RIT Stockholm Sulfur adsorption on perovskites
Kate Bowie Undergrad researcher 2013-2014   Natural bond order analyses
Sam Mingo Undergrad researcher 2013   Ionic liquids for CO2 capture
Ryan Anderson Undergrad researcher 2012-2013   Cu dimers in SSZ-13 catalysts
Mark Sullivan Undergrad researcher 2011-2012 University of Minnesota grad. school Carbenes for CO2 capture
Jennifer Smith Undergrad researcher 2011-2012 ExxonMobil XPS of oxygen on Pt
Allison Hamman Undergrad researcher 2011-2012   Phase change ionic liquids
Jonathan Conway Undergrad researcher 2009-2010 NC State graduate school Adsorbate-adsorbate electronic interaction modeling
Thomas Senftle Undergrad researcher 2009-2010 Penn. State grad. school AHA Ionic Liquids for CO2 capture
Martin Beres Undergrad researcher 2009-2010 Ohio State U. grad. school Cluster expansions of surface adsorption
Shawn Coleman Undergrad researcher 2007-2009 U. Arkansas grad. school Metal cluster calculations
Nate Menendez Undergrad. researcher 2008-2009 Air Products DFT calculations of NDMA decomposition
Danny Beyrer Undergrad. researcher Summer 2008 Rose-Hulman NO adsorption on Pd and Pd alloys
Miriam Shakalli Tang Undergrad. researcher Summer 2008 Ohio State University  
Jessica Nadai Undergrad. researcher 2006-2007 BP DFT Calculations of Oxygen Adsorption on Gold, Iridium, and Nickel
Josh Bruce Undergrad. researcher 2006-2007 Travelers Cl Atom Reactions with iso-Propanol

Former Post-Docs

Alumni Information Current Affiliation Thesis Title
Dr. Haoran He Post-doc, 2021-2021 BASF Zeolite catalysis
Dr. Hanyu Ma Post-doc, 2017-2021
Assistant Research Professor, 2021-2022
Google Heterogeneous and plasma catalysis
Dr. Zhenghang Zhao Post-doc, 2018-2020 Vanderbilt Zeolite catalysis
Dr. Tong Wu Post-doc, 2017-2018 Future Finance Cluster Distributions in Zeolites
Dr. Onise Sharia Post-doc, 2014-2016 Bank of America Hybrid Perovskites
Dr. Kurt Frey Post-doc, 2013-2015    
Dr. Dorrell McCalman Post-doc, 2013-2014    
Dr. Houyu Zhu Post-doc, 2012-2014    
Dr. Katie Maerzke Post-doc, 2012-2014 Los Alamos National Laboratory Actinides in ionic liquids
Mr. Xue-Sen Du Visiting scientist, 2012-2013 Chongqing University Zeolite catalysis
Dr. Shuguang Zhang Visiting scientist, 2012 Shandong University of Technology Perovskite oxides
Dr. Sonia Antony Post-doc, 2011-2013   CO2 reduction
Dr. Jean-Sabin McEwen Research scientist, 2011-2012 Chemical Enginnering faculty, Washington State University  
Dr. Chao Wu Research scientist, 2009-2012 Chemistry faculty, Xi’an Jiaotong University  
Dr. ZhengZheng Chen Post-doc, 2010-2011 UCLA  
Dr. Bhabani Mallik Post-doc, 2010-2011 IIT Hyderabad - India  
Dr. Hannah Fox Post-doc, 2009-2010    
Dr. Victor Ranea Visiting scientist, 2006-2009 Conicet Argentina  
Dr. Abhijit Phatak Post-doc, 2007-2008 Intel Corp.  
Dr. Li Xiao Post-doc, 2006-2007 Accelrys Corp.  
Dr. Ye Xu Post-doc, 2004-2005 Chemical Engineering Faculty, Louisiana State