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Physical Chemistry for Chemical Engineers (CHEM 30324)
        Spring 2020, MWF 9:25-10:15 am, 127 DBRT         Optional Text: Engel and Reid, Physical Chemistry, Benjamin-Cummings (ISBN: 080533842X)
        Content available on Github

Computational Chemistry (CBE 40447/60547)
Content available on Github

Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CBE 60553)
        Text: DePablo and Schieber, Molecular Engineering Thermodynamics, Cambridge
        Content available on Github

Introduction to Chemical Engineering (CBE 20255)
        Text: Felder, Rousseau, and Bullard, Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Wiley

Chemical Reaction Engineering (CBE 40445)
        Text: Schmidt, The Engineering of Chemical Reactions, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press